What is organic?




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What is Organic?

This is a question we get asked multiple times daily at the farmers market. Consumers want to know where their food comes from and how it is grown. They are searching for the most wholesome, nutritious food for themselves and their families. Our customers want to know what makes our blueberries organic. In this blog post we will cover what organic means, and the best place to buy organic.


What organic means

Organic means that the food you are eating doesn’t have any unnatural chemicals added during or after the growing process. The biggest thing we get asked is do you spray? The answer is yes! Farmers are constantly fighting and battling pests and new diseases.  In order to deliver a firm, sweet berry to our customers we spray to prevent harmful pests from ruining a crop. The difference with organics is that everything we spray is certified organic by the USDA and our certifier CCOF. Anything that is sprayed in our fields must have prior approval from our certifier and comply with the USDA Organic Standards. All sprays are derived from natural sources. The sprays that we use are more expensive than the conventional (non-organic) ones. That’s why you pay a higher price for organic. We also have to pay to be inspected and are required to keep detailed records of everything we do on the farm.

Best place to buy organic

The best place to buy organic is at your local farmers market. That is where you will get the best price and you most likely will get to meet the farmer! Farmers markets have the best locally grown food in your area! When you shop at your local farmers market you cut out the middle man (grocery stores) and get the best price. That truly is farm to table! When you shop at a local farmers market you are guaranteed the freshest food we can deliver you! The farmer can even tell you how long ago the product was harvested. There is an application process, and you must be approved to sell your product at a farmers market.  There will most likely be an organic farmer at the market glad to share their knowledge and experience of growing organic and farming in general! The next best place is your local grocery store or co-op. They are centered around local food and they work hard to have the best product in their store.


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